ISBN 9789988882938
Pages 28
Dimensions 178 x 229mm
Illustrations Colour Illustrations
Published 2019
Publisher Sub-Saharan Publishers, Ghana
Format Hardback

Where is Naledi?

by Elisa Sandoval-Serés, Young Ha Suh, Helen Spence-Jones , Samantha Lostrom, Melissa de Bruin

Naledi is a meerkat pup who gets lost and separated from her family. The humans caught her and put her in a cage! There, she meets Diriwa, an adult meerkat who has been a pet for a long time. Diriwa warns her that there are a lot of bad things about being a pet, so Naledi runs away to look for her family. Meanwhile, her family keeps searching for her in the desert. There are a lot of dangers when you are alone in the wild! Will Naledi find her family?

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About the Authors

Elisa Sandoval-Serés

Elisa Sandoval-Serés is a Mexican biologist who coordinates an NGO in Mexico called BIOMAS MX. At the moment, she is studying a Postgraduate Diploma in International Wildlife Conservation Practice at WILDCRU, UK.

Young Ha Suh

Young Ha Suh is a Korean biologist. Currently, she is a graduate student studying ecology and evolutionary biology in the United States. Her research focuses on how social and environmental factors influence life history traits in birds.

Helen Spence-Jones

Helen Spence-Jones is a biologist from the UK. She studies evolutionary biology, physiology, and behavioural ecology: the ways animals change in response to each other and their surroundings.

Samantha Lostrom

Samantha Lostrom studied zoology and marine biology in Australia before working as a research assistant investigating meerkat, leopard, lion, African painted dog, cheetah and hyena populations in Africa. She currently works as an ecologist in Western Australia.

Melissa de Bruin

Melissa de Bruin is a biologist from the Netherlands. At the moment, she is doing a Master’s in Humanistic Studies in the Netherlands.