ISBN 9789786061894
Pages 270
Dimensions 234x156 mm
Published 2024
Publisher Malthouse Press, Nigeria
Format Hardback

Who Killed Bilkisa?

by Sanusi Camara

Bilkisa, a poor girl, refuses to follow what society expects of her. She wants a deeper and more meaningful life. Her life changes when her grandmother starts telling her inspiring stories of the people who dwelled in the southern forest, the Cosmopolitan Board of Elders.

These stories make Bilkisa dream big and crave for knowledge and adventure. She decides to follow her passion and bravely sets off to visit the famous city of Timbuktu, known for its big libraries and ancient-like scholars. Even though she does not have much money, she is determined to reach there. She travels through dangerous areas, crosses the hot Sahara and overcomes many problems along the way.

However, the bad leadership, corruption, self-negation and the harsh treatment of workers are the realities she faces when she returns from Timbuktu. But Bilkisa was not alone; also was Impeccable Kinteh. Will they be able to free their people from self-negation to the tyrant of the land?

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About the Author

Sanusi Camara

Sanusi Camara, born in The Gambia, is a teacher and writer of four books. Call Me Abou, which is his second novel after The Fallen Empire, is an award-winner of 2022 Nana Grey-Johnson Prize for Fiction. He is the Publications and Publishing officer of Young Writers' Association of the Gambia, and the founder of the Association of Gambian Geographers. He is a Pan-Africanist and environmentalist.