ISBN 9789784897914
Pages 34
Dimensions 210 x 148mm
Illustrations Colour Illustrations
Published 2023
Publisher Kene-Nwa Creations Ltd., Nigeria
Format Paperback

Why we have day and night

by Kenechukwu Nwaka

Morenike was a beautiful woman who married Majebi, the most powerful medicine man in Ijebu Land. She could not bear a child for Majebi. Her tragedy worsened when Majebi took another wife who bore him a child. In those days, there was nothing like night or day. An oraclist told Morenike to go to the Forest of Demons where Tree of Life was. It was only the Tree of Life that could give her a child. Morenike got her child who grew several times faster than his mates. Irawo, for that was the child’s name requested for a machete which  his mother obliged him. What he did with the cutlass which he spent his entire life sharpening is another kettle of fish. You don’t want to know this and other stories herein.

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