ISBN 9781928433255
Pages 174
Dimensions 210 x 140mm
Published 2021
Publisher Modjaji Books, South Africa
Format Paperback

Women out of Water

Short Stories

by Sally Cranswick

Eighty-five-year-old Alma tracks a stallion through the wild bush. A young woman leaves her corporate job to start a wine farm as her marriage stales. A mother leaves her war-torn home to seek safety for herself and her daughter and a girl begs for survival.

In a series of ten mesmerising stories, Cranswick pulls aside the covers to let us in on the lives and inner lives of women thrown out of their comfort zone. With chilling clarity and a haunting lyricism, Cranswick slows down time, zooms in close, and refuses to look away.

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About the Author

Sally Cranswick

Women out of Water is Sally Cranswick's debut collection of short stories. She lives in Cape Town and is a writer and workshop facilitator with a special interest in life-writing and memoir. She has an MA in Creative Writing from UCT. Before coming to South Africa, Sally lived in many countries around the world and worked as a singer in the UK and Southeast Asia.

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