ISBN 9781779222978
ePub ISBN 9781779222985
Pages 216
Dimensions 216 x 140mm
Published 2016
Publisher Weaver Press, Zimbabwe
Formats Paperback, eBook

A Casualty of Power

by Mukuka Chipanta

He boarded the inter-city bus and set off on the six-hour journey to Lusaka – Christopher Columbus en route to discover a new world.’

Hamoonga Moya’s journey would take him a long way from the township of his youth on the Zambian Copperbelt. Life in the capital brought him new friends, and new ideas, and his journalism studies introduced him to ethical dilemmas. Should we take sides when looking at the social impact of the Chinese-owned mines? Who should we blame for the impoverishment of our citizens – the new owners, or the government that made the sale? Is a stadium worth more than a hospital? Outside the classroom, Hamoonga’s life, and his hope for the future, were soon entangled in a web of greed, international crime, and betrayal. Only in the end will he know who his true friends are.

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"With wit and keen observation, A Casualty of Power explores how two worlds collide as modern day Africa embraces Chinese overseas expansion. Mukuka Chipanta's debut novel is wonderfully thought provoking, sombre and dark in places and yet laced throughout with hope."

Ekow Duker, author of Dying in New York and White Wahala.

"In A Casualty of Power, Mukuka Chipanta explores, in an honest and unapologetic way, subjects that societies often prefer to keep buried. This is a pacy, emotive and enjoyable novel that will keep the reader engaged until the last page."

Ellen Banda-Aaku, Penguin Prize Winning Author for African Writing

"Mukuka Chipanta’s debut is a thoughtful piece of fiction and interestingly written, if albeit the countless tragedies in Hamoonga Moya’s life leave the reader exhausted. It is a very welcome contribution not only to the debate about Chinese-Zambian relations, but also to the Zambian literary world, and African literature in general."

"A Casualty of Power is Mukuka Chipanta’s first novel. He is an aerospace engineer by profession and on his own website he writes that “building airplanes is much like crafting a story. Both require patiently weaving together a patchwork of ideas to hopefully create something of beauty”. With A Casualty of Power he has surely created something of beauty. I’m looking forward to his next creation."
About the Author

Mukuka Chipanta

Mukuka Chipanta is an Aerospace Engineer and Program Manager currently residing in the Washington DC metro area with his lovely wife Sandra. Born in Zambia, he spent his formative years in the mineral rich Copperbelt Province near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. Mukuka has several degrees in Engineering and Business from the United Kingdom and the USA. One of his proudest professional achievements is having played an integral role in designing the Boeing 787 Dreamliner airplane. He has travelled widely across North America, Europe, Africa and Asia and considers himself a global citizen with a heart firmly rooted in Zambia. His passion for telling stories originates from many nights as a boy spent listening to the colourful tales told by members of his expansive family. He is currently working on a number of new writing projects which he hopes you will be able to read in the not-too-distant future. A Casualty of Power is his first published novel.