ISBN 9781779090027
Pages 96
Dimensions 216 x 140 mm
Published 1997
Publisher Baobab Books, Zimbabwe
Format Paperback

Echoing Silences

by Alexander Kanengoni

Munashe Mungate, the novel's main character, is a doubting man who is swept up in a wave of history in the Zimbabwean liberation war and its aftermath, and the effects on the psyche of the individuals who participated in it. Munashe's history is the story of the nation: a relentless and compelling history, from horror to some form of accountability and atonement. A guerilla is hounded by accusations of having sold out; a soldier allows his enemies to escape; the spirit medium of the lioness roars as the male protagonist speaks with the voice of the women he killed. The account shows the complexity of the period, and its effects: Munashe finally has no self - he is the war. Africa rights only

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