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Values and Development in Southern Africa
edited by Pinkie Mekgwe, Marvellous Mhloyi, Hans Müller
Marvellous Mhloyi
Marvellous Mhloyi, Demography and Sociology, Chair of Department of Sociology, Centre for Population Studies, University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe.
Pinkie Mekgwe
Pinkie Mekgwe, English Literature, University of Botswana, formerly Programme Officer, CODESRIA, Dakar, Senegal.
Hans Müller
Hans Müller, Social Theory and Decision-making, Centre for Knowledge Dynamics and Decision-making, University of Stellenbosch.
Leeds African Studies Bulletin
Langaa RPCIG
The mission of Langaa Research and Publishing Common Initiative Group (Langaa RPCIG) is to contribute to the cultural development and renaissance of Africa. ...
Business of Civil War
New Forms of Life in the Debris of the Democratic Republic of Congo - by Patience Kabamba
Patience Kabamba
Patience Kabamba has degrees in philosophy from Paris and Leuven, in Economic Development from the University of Kwazulu-Natal in Durban, and in cultural ...
Love Gifts
by Tanure Ojaide
Eco-Critical Literature
Regreening African Landscapes - edited by Okuyade Ogaga
Okuyade Ogaga
Dr. OKUYADE Ogaga teaches popular/folk culture, African literature and culture, African American and African Diaspora Studies, and the English Novel in the ...
John Sackey
Sentinel Literary Quarterly
Sentinel Literary Quarterly
The Mid-West Book Review
Olomu and Development of Urhoboland and Western Niger Delta
Ancient and Modern Versions - edited by Peter Ekeh, Onoawarie Edevbie, Peter Ishaka
Peter Ishaka
Onoawarie Edevbie
Lawrence E.Y. Mbogoni
Lawrence E. Y. Mbogoni is Associate Professor of African History in the Department of Africana-World Studies, William Paterson University of New Jersey. ...
SheMurenga: The Zimbabwean Women's Movement 1995-2000
by Shereen Essof
Hope Chigudu, Lead consultant, HopeAfrica
Shereen Essof
Shereen Essof is a Zimbabwean feminist, activist, popular educator, and academic. Her academic work is grounded in her engagement with women in trade unions, ...
The Hard Road to Reform
The Politics of Zimbabwe's Global Political Agreement - edited by Brian Raftopoulos
English-German: Glossary of Namibian Terms
edited by Marianne Zappen-Thomson
Sylvia Schlettwein, Writer, language consultant and tutor
Marianne Zappen-Thomson
Marianne Zappen-Thomson is a German language specialist and has lectured at the University of Namibia since its establishment. She implemented a Postgraduate ...
by Bill F. NDI
Perspectives on Written Cameroon Literature in English
by Shadrach Ambanasom
Glittering Gallows
by Basil Diki
Combats pour le Sens : Un Itineraire Africain
by Paulin Hountondji