ISBN 9781920397432
Pages 48
Dimensions 203 x 133mm
Published 2011
Publisher Modjaji Books, South Africa
Format Paperback

A Lioness at My Heels

by Robin Winckel-Mellish

The hemispheric pull between Europe and Africa and the restlessness that results from inhabiting both worlds is reflected in A Lioness at my Heels. Robin Winckel-Mellish reconciles the muted tones of her Europe with the riotous colour of Africa. The immediacy, vividness and dustiness of the harsh African sun is carefully offset by the softer quality of the Netherlands. All poems are mediated and considered in the light of a spiritual home.

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"All the lion colours of southern Africa are threaded through these poems. It’s landscape and its people live on, even in the sedate, canal lined streets of Holland where the poet now lives. A hint of eroticism, more than a touch of wildness, lovers devour each other, a quiet irony and an ever present consciousness that ‘home’ where the poet’s memory sometimes flies like ‘a crazed pigeon’ was once somewhere else, all infuse this collection with both the light and shadow of a life lived between different cultures."

Kate Foley, Writer

About the Author

Robin Winckel-Mellish

Robin Winckel-Mellish lives in the Netherlands and runs a poetry critique group in Amsterdam. Her work has been published in many international literary journals. Her first collection, A Lioness at my Heels, explores living in Europe and being South African.

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