ISBN 9780797492325
Pages 46
Dimensions 210 x 148mm
Illustrations Colour Photographs
Published 2018
Publisher Pigeon Press, Zimbabwe
Format Paperback

A Short History of Bulawayo 1868-2017

by Paul Hubbard

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe is a kindly and interesting city, filled with characters who fascinate and inspire. Almost from the moment of the founding of the modern city in 1894, Bulawayo has been aware of its past. The author has been researching the history of the city from its earliest days to the present time, with the aim of publishing its story in great detail. Published for a charity, this booklet is therefore only a modest contribution to that historical journey. The short booklet is produced from the text of four talks on the history of Bulawayo given by the author in 2017. Additionally readers are are referred to a list of references.

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About the Author

Paul Hubbard

Paul Hubbard has lived all over Zimbabwe both in town and in the wild - which he much prefers. He has degrees in archaeology from the University of Zimbabwe and University College London and currently works around the country as a professional tour guide specialising in the culture and history of Zimbabwe, and spending most of his time in the majestic and marvellous Matobo Hills World Heritage Site where he currently works exclusively from Camp Amalinda. He has been recently rated by Conde Nast Traveller (USA) as one of the top 25 guides in Africa and Vanity Fair (UK) magazine as one of the top 10 safari guides in Africa.