ISBN 9789970022939
Pages 308
Dimensions 216 x 140 mm
Published 2002
Publisher Fountain Publishers, Uganda
Format Paperback

Africa's Inland Fisheries

The Management Challenge

edited by Kim Geheb

This book intends to address the imbalance in research and information about fisheries and the management of natural resources between the North and the South. It takes into account the context of crippling poverty, high rates of population growth and political instability in which these discussions must take place. It addresses questions of community involvement in the management of resources, and the frequent conflicts between political and conservation goals, and suggests possible solutions.

Based upon empirical research from ten African countries, the study in organised into the following essays: an introduction and the challenge; fisheries co-management in Malawi; lessons from Malawi's experience with fisheries; conflicting agendas in the development and management of fisheries on Lake Malawi; contesting inequalities in access rights to Lake Kariba's Kapenta fisheries; the outcome of a co-managerial arrangement in the inland fishery of Lake Kariba; the future of Lake Tanganyika; the management of Lake Victoria's fisheries; Lake Victoria's fishers' attitudes towards management and co-management; conflicts amongst resource users; and the case of Kabangaja's fishing and farming community on Lake Victoria.

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