ePub ISBN 9780797493766
Pages 109
Dimensions 203 x 127 mm
Published 2003
Publisher amabooks Publishers, Zimbabwe
Format eBook


by Wim Boswinkel

Johan comes to Africa to manage a tea plantation. He meets Erina, and his life changes forever. The story takes a leap into the unknown, cleverly blending an African setting with the fantastic premise at its core: the arrival of a black female Christ-figure. The use of AIDS as a weapon to effect the ultimate defeat of Satan adds a powerful and provocative dimension. Erina won Best First Book at the Zimbabwe Book Publishers Association Awards.

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About the Author

Wim Boswinkel

Wim was born in 1947 and settled in Zimbabwe in 1988. He retired from a lifelong career in farming and rural development work and returned to his native Holland with his family. Wim’s novel Erina was chosen as Best First Creative Book at the Zimbabwe Book Publishers Association awards.