ISBN 9789988633974
Pages 184
Dimensions 244 x 170 mm
Illustrations Colour Illustrations
Published 2015
Publisher United Nations University Institute for Natural Resources in Africa (UNU-INRA), Ghana
Format Paperback

Harnessing Land and Water Resources for Improved Food Security and Ecosystem Services in Africa

edited by Effiom E. Oku, Kwabena O. Asubonteng, Praise Nutakor

Africa is endowed with rich land and water resources, which significantly contribute to the development of many economies on the continent. However, land degradation and water pollution remain major challenges facing many African countries. Harnessing Land and Water Resources for Improved Food Security and Ecosystem Services in Africa examines challenges facing land and water resources management in Africa and explores possible measures to improve food security and reduce poverty on the continent.

The book is a compilation of research papers, written by eminent researchers and scientists from renowned Universities and reputable organisations in Ghana, Ethiopia, USA, South Africa, Nigeria, the Netherlands and Indonesia. Its main objective is to draw attention to the impact of human activities on land and water resources and the need for the sustainable management of Africa's ecosystem services to improve livelihoods. The individual chapters present relevant case studies on the effects of water and land management practices including urban waste water uses, land grabbing and climate change issues, so as to draw lessons from best practices that can be adopted to mitigate their efforts on food security and the well-being of the African population. The monograph concludes with recommendations on the appropriate strategies for managing wastelands to meet Africa's green energy needs.

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About the Editors

Effiom E. Oku

Effiom E. Oku is a former Senior Research Fellow, Land and Water Resources at UNU-INRA.

Kwabena O. Asubonteng

Kwabena O. Asubonteng is a Former Research Fellow for Geo-Information Systems (GIS), UNU-INRA.

Praise Nutakor

Praise Nutakor is Communications and Public Relations Associate of UNU-INRA.