ISBN 9789956550630
Pages 290
Dimensions 229 x 152mm
Illustrations Colour Illustrations
Published 2018
Publisher Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon
Format Paperback

A Gender Perspective of Municipal Solid Waste Generation and Management in the City of Bamenda, Cameroon

by Akum Hedwig Kien

The management of urban waste constitutes one of the major environmental challenges facing African cities in general and Cameroon in particular. Unprecedented population growth and changes in consumption patterns and lifestyles have led to increased waste generation. Municipal solid waste management efforts lag behind the rate of waste generation with attendant environmental and public health risks.  The activities, the gender dynamics and politics at the pools of waste generation, particularly the households and markets largely influence the outcome of waste management strategies and policies. This book brings out the gender dimension of municipal solid waste generation and management in the City of Bamenda. It is hoped that the findings revealed and proposals made from the study will be employed by municipal authorities in Cameroon and beyond to enhance waste management efforts.

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About the Author

Akum Hedwig Kien

Akum Hedwig Kien obtained her PhD in Gender and Development studies in 2015 and the Master's degree in Geography from the University of Buea in 2006. She obtained the Teacher Training qualification from Ecole Normale Supérieure Yaoundé in 2001 and a Bachelor's t degree (License) in Geography from the University of Yaoundé in 1992. She is currently a Geography Teacher at Government High School Great Soppo, Buea. She doubles as a part time Lecturer in the Department of Women and Gender Studies of University of Buea and the Local Government Training Centre (CEFAM), Buea. She is married with children and a strong advocate for gender, environment and development issues. 

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