ISBN 9789970027613
Pages 68
Dimensions 203 x 127 mm
Published 2008
Publisher Fountain Publishers, Uganda
Format Paperback

I Will Not Fail

by Madinah Nakandha Kisubi

In I Will Not Fail Namukose does not want to end up like her mother, poor and bullied by her husband. She wants to do well in school and have a career. Because of her determination and courage, therefore, she manages to overcome some tough challenges and eventually succeeds. This story examines the destinies of girls who happen to be born in Africa. Those whose lot is often marked by forced exit from school and early marriage. It celebrates women's inner strength and their centrality to the well-being of humanity. It gives a human face to the many trials and tribulations, as well as the cultural constraints that the girl-child are faced with. It also points out the opportunities that will reveal themselves to the girl who remains steadfast in her ambitions.

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About the Author

Madinah Nakandha Kisubi

Madinah Nakandha Kisubi was born in Bugiri district, eastern Uganda. She has taught in several schools in Uganda and served as a counsellor and woman leader in her community. Madinah has set herself the mission to see girl-children excel in every aspect of socio-economic and political development.