ISBN 9780980272932
ePub ISBN 9781920590147
Pages 90
Dimensions 216 x 140 mm
Published 2009
Publisher Modjaji Books, South Africa
Formats Paperback, eBook

Invisible Earthquake

A woman's journal through still birth

by Malika Ndlovu

Malika Ndlovu takes us right into the heart of her grief - the loss of her third child, who was stillborn. The book breaks the silence around stillbirth, often seen as a non-event, something women are expected to "get over" as soon as possible, Invisible Earthquake is placed in the wider South African context by Sue Fawcus, who writes tenderly and expertly about stillbirth from the point of view of an obstetrician, and by Zubeida Bassadien and Muriel Johnstone, social workers who accompany women going through this shattering experience.

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“In the seven years since my own loss and subsequent ongoing counselling of other bereaved parents, I have never read more explicit and perfect words to describe the gut wrenching grief that all mothers suffer. A must read for all family and friends who want to begin to try and understand the enormity of our desperation.”

Kim Palmer, The Compassionate Friends

“Malika Ndlovu writes the way she lives, Invisible Earthquake is filled with abundance – from terrible grief and sorrow to healing and joy. Her poetry and song hold you as she holds herself.”

Pregs Govender, Author of Love and Courage - A story of Insubordination

“Whenever I have witnessed the dread in a mother’s eyes suddenly turning cold, on hearing that their baby has died, I have had to curb the urge to run away. This intensely personal and powerful journal that Malika has brought to us should become an essential adjunct to any journey that begins with that moment of sharing a baby’s death.”

Dr Carol Thomas, Specialist Obstetrician Gynaecologist

“Malika gets to the core of what “inimba” really means – the seat of our soul that connects us to our ancestors and provides a link to future generations. It is that which makes us truly respond to each other’s pain and suffering and gives us the ability to ‘feel for”. A wonderful resource from a generous heart and soul.”

Nomfundo Walaza, CEO, Desmond Tutu Peace Centre