ISBN 9789987081530
Pages 190
Dimensions 203 x 127 mm
Published 2012
Publisher Mkuki na Nyota Publishers, Tanzania
Format Paperback

Joy Comes in the Morning

by Hopolang Phororo

Hopolang was sexually abused by a neighbor and for nineteen years she didn't divulge her experience because she feared that she would be blamed. In the first edition of 'Joy Comes in the Morning' she shared her battle to regain her self-confidence and self-esteem by running into the arms of the One who can heal - God. Through poems, she expresses emotions, such as confusion, pain, fear, betrayal, guilt, regret, approval, self-pity, mistrust and forgiveness that she had to work through.

In this revised edition of Joy Comes in the Morning, Hopolang recounts how she overcame, not only the trauma of being sexually abused but also other challenges, such as working through relationships and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro- something that she never imagined she could accomplish. As she narrates her experiences, her hope is that the lessons she learned will motivate and inspire her readers. No matter how difficult the circumstances are that we encounter in our lives, we can triumph, and joy always comes in the morning.

As she walked the paths of recovery from sexual abuse, Hopolang Phororo longed to read stories she could relate to, of those who had suffered abuse and overcame it. Because such stories were not available, she decided to share her story, to reach out and inspire other women with the message that there is hope. Her passion to see young women realize their fullest potential has led her to set up the Daughters of Destiny (DoD) Ministry (mentoring young women), in countries where she has lived.

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About the Author

Hopolang Phororo

A versatile and dynamic person, Hopolang holds degrees in business administration and psychology and a master’s degree in agricultural economics, as well as a diploma in cosmetology. She is currently working for the International Labour Organization.

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