ISBN 9789970022458
Pages 228
Dimensions 254 x 178 mm
Published 2001
Publisher Fountain Publishers, Uganda
Format Paperback

Law of Contract in Uganda

by David J. Bakibinga

This book focuses on the Ugandan legal position of contract and the relevant literature on the subject. The history of contract and law applicable in Uganda are examined and the ingredients of forming the contract in the form of offer, acceptance, consideration, contractual intention, and capacity. The book then analyses the form and terms of a contract taking into account developments in the UK in relation to exemption clauses and fundamental breach, It also examines the vital elements of a contract namely mistake, misrepresentation, duress, undue influence, and illegality and analyses the concept of privity which is extended to agency and assignment. The concluding chapters deal with discharge of the contract and remedies for breach of contract.

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About the Author

David J. Bakibinga

David J. Bakibinga by the current professor of Commercial Law at Makerere University.

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