ISBN 9789964705398
Pages 238
Dimensions 203 x 127mm
Published 2015
Publisher Afram Publications, Ghana
Format Paperback

My Father's Song

by Efo Kodjo Mawugbe

This story is told from a song a father composed and sung to his son, the author, when he was young. The story is set in the days of old where man and animals could talk and understood each other. Alegeli (Rat), Dzakpata (Snake), and Zangbetor (a spirit) are stuck in a pit and on the verge of death. They are rescued by Klogo, a poor hunter, and all three promise to help the hunter one day. Alegeli comes to Klogo with a pot of gold, which unknown to Klogo, was stolen from the chief’s palace. He becomes rich overnight and becomes the talk of the village; some said he had acquired blood money, while others said he had inherited a fortune somewhere. Sakpli, the village drunk and gossip, reports to the palace that Klogo had stolen the chief’s gold. Aligeli, Dzakpata, and Zangbetor have to come up with a plan save the hunter…

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About the Author

Efo Kodjo Mawugbe

At the crossroads between tradition and modernity, Efo Kodjo Mawugbe was a multitalented pioneer of Ghanaian theatre. Born on 21st April 1954 in Kumasi, Ghana, he was the prolific author of over twenty plays, hundreds of articles (published under the female pseudonym ‘Araba Season’ in The Mirror), and the novel My Father’s Song. His play, The Prison Graduates, won the BBC World Service/British Council International Radio Playwriting Competition 2009 in the English as a 2nd Language category.