ISBN 9789966702036
Pages 90
Dimensions 203 x 127mm
Published 2017
Publisher Syokimau Cultural Centre, Kenya
Format Paperback

The Crows will Tell

Ngewa - parables and fables - from the Akamba of Kenya

by Muli wa Kyendo

This book presents a collection of Ngewa - parables and fables - from the Akamba of Kenya. Fables and parables are central to African culture. Indeed, communication would greatly suffer if there were none. Most of those included in this collection are set in ancient times and a few are new, since Ngewa have continued to evolve and change with time to fit new socio-economic and economic circumstances. The themes and their profound messages serve as constant encouragement and reminders of what society expects of individuals.

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About the Author

Muli wa Kyendo

Muli wa Kyendo is an author and the founder of Syokimau Cultural Centre, a non-profit organization which promotes culture, research and writing as a conservation method. The Centre's project, the Syokimau Cultural Center and Museum is a UNESCO World Decade for Cultural Development activity. His early books include Whispers and The Surface Beneath (Longman). He has also written and published children story books and plays. The play, The Woman of Nzaui was performed to great media acclaim. 

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