ISBN 9789956558919
Pages 232
Dimensions 229 x 152 mm
Published 2009
Publisher Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon
Format Paperback

Scribbles from the Den

Essays on Politics and Collective Memory in Cameroon

by Dibussi Tande

This collection consists of 49 insightful essays by leading Cameroonian blogger Dibussi Tande, which originally appeared on his award-winning blog Scribbles from the Den. These essays tackle some of the most pressing and complex issues facing Cameroon today such as the stalled democratization process, the perennial Anglophone problem, the crisis of higher education, the absence of the rule of law, the lack of leadership renewal, a stifled collective memory, and a continued inability to harness technology for purposes of national development, among others. Scribbles from the Den goes beyond the news headlines to dispassionately analyze and unravel the complexities of Cameroonian politics and society.

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 “Dibussi Tande serves up a rich, highly relevant, intellectual smorgasbord of well-crafted critical reflections, nay spirited submissions, on the politico-cultural, economic and social components of what can be called the ‘Cameroon Question’. Scribbles from the Den is indeed a highly stimulating and rewarding intellectual banquet.”

Lyombe "Leo" Eko, Associate Professor of Journalism & Mass Communications, University of Iowa, USA

“Dibussi Tande, in this collection, shares with us a bumper harvest of essays that are instructive on how we could begin to go about the process of harnessing blogging and the ICTs in the interest of positive social change in Cameroon.”

Francis B. Nyamnjoh, Professor of Anthropology, University of Cape Town, South Africa; Author of Africa’s Media: Democracy and the Politics of Belonging.

About the Author

Dibussi Tande

Dibussi Tande is a political scientist, writer and poet who lives in Chicago. His articles have appeared in a variety of print and online publications such as the Rhodes Journalism Review, Focus on Africa Magazine, African Writing Online and African Muckraking, 75 Years of Investigative Journalism from Africa. He is the author of No Turning Back: Poems of Freedom 1990-1993 (2007) and co-editor of Their Champagne Party Will End! Poems in Honor of Bate Besong (2008). His poems have been published in several anthologies including Treasured Poems of America (1994) and Hiraeth-Erzolirzoli: A Wales - Cameroon Anthology (2018). Dibussi is also the author of Scribbles from the Den. Essays on Politics and Collective Memory in Cameroon (2009) and he produces the award-winning blog, Scribbles from the Den []. His Twitter handle, @dibussi, is a leading source of news and analysis on Cameroon. Dibussi obtained a "Licence" in Public law and a "Maitrise" in Political Science from the University of Yaounde. He also holds Master's degrees in Political Science and Instructional Technology from Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, and Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, respectively. He previously served as an Associate Editor for Cameroon Life Magazine and Cameroon Today.

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