ISBN 9781920590017
Pages 214
Dimensions 234 x 156 mm
Published 2013
Publisher Modjaji Books, South Africa
Format Paperback

Shooting Snakes

by Maren Bodenstein

An old man is woken up by the wailing of a prophetess. Sitting on the veranda and staring into the dry veld he is beset with images of snakes hiding in the cellar beneath him. His peace is further disturbed by visits from his angry daughter, Susanna. Memories of his childhood on a remote mission station in Venda come flooding in. Johannes remembers his father's internment at Koffiefontein during World War II, leaving him and his sister free to make friendships, explore the mythical forests that surround their house and to connect with the spirit world of the Bavenda . On his return, the missionary tries to impose order on the mission station with tragic consequences.

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About the Author

Maren Bodenstein

Maren Bodenstein grew up in the tiny village of Hermannsburg in Natal which was established around 1856 to provide support to German Lutheran missionaries in Zululand. Here they came to learn Zulu before being posted into remote rural areas and could send their children to the German Lutheran school. Maren’s grand and great grandparents were missionaries themselves and her parents were pupils and later teachers at Hermannsburg. She now lives with her husband on a Buddhist retreat.