ISBN 9789988647407
Pages 290
Dimensions 198 x 129 mm
Published 2012
Publisher Sub-Saharan Publishers, Ghana
Format Paperback

They Came from Ghana

The Two Worlds of Kwame and Kwabena Boaten

by Noel Smith

In this historical novel of 19th century Gold Coast, two young Ashanti boys are introduced to the unfamiliar but fascinating world of the white man. Kwame and Kwabena Boaten are eager to learn the ways of their mentors, Tedlie and Bowdich, to become doctor and administrator respectively so they can come back and help their own people. Despite the curtailment of their government sponsorship in London, they get benefactors to help them continue their education. They however have to contend with racism and bullying from Hardwick as well as inordinate hatred from Dupuis, Under-Secretary and later His majesty's Envoy to the Guinea Coast (whose machinations dog them all their lives). How do they survive? Kwabena reminds Kwame, 'If they attack us - we can bear rough handling. [But] they cannot break our spirit; we are Ashanti remember; and afterwards we shall carefully plan our revenge.' Do they succeed in the face of all the odds? Noel Smith effortlessly weaves a brilliant tale of sheer determination, ambition, intrigue, love and altruism, through the treacherous terrain of the slave trade, missionary activities and disease ridden expeditions, and historical insight.

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About the Author

Noel Smith

Noel Smith studied at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and became a teacher first in England ,then for many years at the Presbyterian Training College, Akropong Akuapem, Ghana, where he became Principal. He developed a great interest in the customs and traditions of the local people especially that of former Basel and Scottish Missions. For his book on the history of the Presbyterian Church and his study of the interaction of Christianity and Akan religion, he was awarded a doctorate degree by his university. After his return to England he became Principal of the Shoreditch College of Education, today, the Runnymede Campus of Brunei University. He lives today in Koeningstein, Taunus, Germany.