ISBN 9789966259691
Pages 282
Dimensions 203 x 133mm
Published 2014
Publisher East African Educational Publishers, Kenya
Format Paperback


by Diekoye Oyeyinka

Narrated from the point of view of Seun, an orphan from the Niger Delta, Stillborn is not only a tale of turmoil and tragedy; desperation and despair; but also one of optimism and opportunity. It revolves around the lives of five characters: Seun, his mother Ranti, herself a girl of limited privilege; Seunís lover, Aisha, a refugee from the religious clashes in the North; and Emeka from the South-east, a war deserter who becomes an unlikely hero. Their lives intersect in the residence of Dolapo, a civil rights lawyer from the South-west. And the five lives come together to paint a vivid picture of Nigeria since its infancy fifty years ago, meandering into the complexity of the lives and communities of present-day Nigeria. In the end, Stillborn traverses the various political epochs that have shaped Nigeria, and by extension, Africa in general, right from the pre-independence period and through the fears, frustrations, hopes and dreams that have characterized this fragile continent.

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About the Author

Diekoye Oyeyinka

Diekoye Oyeyinka has had a rich growing up experience as he has lived in three continents. He spent his first fifteen years in Nigeria, and the next ten years between Europe and the USA. He obtained his first degree in Economics from Georgetown University, Washington DC in 2009. Thereafter he undertook a six-month internship programme at the United Nations ILO in Ethiopia, before studying for a Masters degree in Urbanization and Development at the London School of Economics. He is currently an assistant brand manager with Nigeria Breweries.