ISBN 9781942876755
Pages 270
Dimensions 229 x 152mm
Published 2021
Publisher Spears Media Press, Cameroon
Format Paperback

The Radio and Other Stories

by Gil Ndi-Shang

On moving into a new apartment abroad in his Bavarian hometown, the narrator realises that some of his possessions and elements of his new neighbourhood open a window into a flurry of memories, serving as allegorical threads to his childhood, self-consciousness and discovery of the world. What begins as a personal narrative quickly cedes to a social archaeology, inviting the reader/listener on a homegoing journey in the backdrop of Cameroon’s tottering democratic trajectory. Modulated with poetry and music, The Radio tunes in to diaspora, home, nation, education, existence, religion as well as Mbum popular culture, showcasing creative re-appropriation and re-mixing of global trends and icons in specific communities.

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About the Author

Gil Ndi-Shang

Gil Ndi-Shang (Romance Literatures/Comparative Studies, University of Bayreuth) holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from the Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies (BIGSAS). He is a member of the Young Colleague Programme, Bavarian Academy of Sciences (Munich-Germany). In the recent past, he has been Research Fellow with the Fritz-Thyssen Foundation and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for his literary research in Congo, Peru and Colombia. He hails from the North-West region of Cameroon where he grew up before moving to Yaoundé and Bayreuth (Germany) for his university education. He is the author of State/society: Narrating Transformations in African Novels and co-editor of Tracks and Traces of Violence and Re-writing Pasts, Imagining Futures. He is also a contributing co-editor of the poetry volume Emerging Voices: Anthology of Young Anglophone Cameroon Poets.

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