ISBN 9781779221445
Pages 452
Dimensions 250 x 200mm
Illustrations Colour Illustrations and Colour Photographs
Published 2011
Publisher Weaver Press, Zimbabwe
Format Paperback

Women and Law

Innovative Regional Approaches to Teaching, Research and Analysis

edited by Amy Tsanga, Julie Stewart

The issue of how various subjects in law are taught, researched or analyzed, in a world where law has tended to neglect women's experiences as 'subjects of law' is a central concern that academics and researchers need to address. Women & law: innovative approaches to teaching, research and analysis explores the strategies and methods that break the mould of traditional legal teaching and research by engaging women's experiences with the law in various legal disciplines. Some of these are traditional legal fields such as jurisprudence, criminal, family, labour and commercial law while others are specialist areas that need to be engaged with the law. These include issues of social justice, human rights, gender and sexuality, masculinities, and access to resources.

The contributors to this volume draw on their practical examples from teaching courses on a postgraduate Masters in Women's Law at the Southern and Eastern African Regional Centre for Women's Law based at the University of Zimbabwe. This is a collaborative regional and international initiative that brings together a network of partner universities and academics from eastern and southern Africa as well as beyond the continent. The book addresses two major aspects of this specialist masters programme in women's law; namely what has been taught and how it has been taught. The book is targeted not only at academics but also at researchers, students, gender practitioners and trainers who work with issues of women, gender and the law.

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About the Editors

Amy Tsanga

Amy Tsanga teaches law at the University of Zimbabwe and is the Deputy Director of the Southern and Eastern African Regional Centre for Women's Law SEARCWL.

Julie Stewart

Julie Stewart is a Professor of Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Zimbabwe and the director of SEARCHWL.