ISBN 9789991200248
Pages 156
Dimensions 216 x 140 mm
Published 1990
Publisher Foundation for Education with Production, Zimbabwe
Format Paperback

Working for the Future

A Teacher's Guide

by Gay Seidman, Janet Stuart

Designed by teachers and educators from all over Southern Africa, this book follows a development studies syllabus. The course provides aconceptual framework, and is intended to encourage students to apply thoseconcepts to their world. It covers introductory economics concepts;information on historical patterns; societal changes; problems and limitson the development process; internal problems such as the mobilisation ofa country's resources, and the nature and role of the government; externalproblems such as international trade and neo-colonialism; and goals andstrategies of development. Finally there is a brief look at the broad picture of development in Southern Africa, especially at the process of building regional cooperation.

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