ISBN 9781920051648
Pages 216
Dimensions 254 x 178 mm
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Published 2007
Publisher African Minds Publishers, South Africa
Format Paperback

A Contemporary Study of Musical Arts Informed by African Indigenous Knowledge Systems Vol 3

The Foliage - Consolidation

by Meki Nzewi

The Contemporary study of musical arts, Volumes 1 to 5 is a series that emphasizes the intellectual security of cultural knowledge orientation in the study and research of the musical arts for students and educators that could engage in global knowledge discourse and practice with original cultural-mental integrity. The “Need” that introduces the series argues that “theoretical content, philosophical and psychological foundations of creativity and practice, the nature and principles of musical arts theatre, and research and historical process [should] derive in essence from the original African intellectual perspective about the sense and meaning of music – indigenous to contemporary.” The contents discuss what is Africa-generic at the sub-structural level about musical arts conceptualization and practice.

Volumes 1 to 3 are designed as a graduated series for musical arts education at the tertiary level under the module topics: musical structure and form; factors of music appreciation; music instruments; music and society; research; music theatre; and performance. Volume 3 additionally discusses historical processes in African musical arts studies and aspects of Western classical music.

These volumes on the study of the musical arts in Africa represent the commitment of the Centre for Indigenous Instrumental Music and Dance Practices of Africa (CIIMDA) to generate literature and performance repertory grounded in indigenous African musical arts knowledge systems for local and global educational, research and concert engagements.

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About the Author

Meki Nzewi

Professor Meki Nzewi lectures in African Music at the University of Pretoria. As a cultural scientist, he has undertaken an interactive study of the creative theory and performance practice underlying African traditional musical arts for over 36 years. He has written copiously on all musico-philosophical aspects of African music, and has published four books and 34 articles and philosophical essays on African music, dance and drama.

He has written, composed and produced 5 music-theatre works, 7 musicals, 3 operas and 3 poetic-dance theatre works. His other compositions include works for orchestra, choir, solo voice, drums and other ensembles. In 2001, the English Chamber Orchestra gave the world premiere of his newest orchestral work during a tour of South Africa. Prof. Nzewi has also published literary works, including three plays, a novel and poems, and has written and produced works for TV and radio.

As master drummer, he has performed and given workshops throughout Europe and Africa. He is the founder and co-director of the Ama Dialog Foundation for African traditional arts in Nigeria. His creative philosophy and practice aim at continuing the traditional multi-disciplinary approach to creativity, performance and presentation.

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