ISBN 9789982240512
Pages 184
Dimensions 229 x 152 mm
Illustrations B/W Illustrations
Published 2008
Publisher Gadsden Publishers, Zambia
Format Paperback

A House in Zambia

Recollections of the ANC and Oxfam at 250 Zambezi Road, Lusaka, 1967-97

edited by Robin Palmer

This is a story about a house with a history and about the people who lived or worked there. It captures something of the spirit of the times in the worlds of politics and development, and it discusses the links which were established between Oxfam GB in Zambia and the African National Congress of South Africa.

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"One perhaps surprising thing the reader begins to appreciate from this book is what the men and women working for such different kinds of organisations – the ANC and Oxfam – shared: their selfless commitment to the people of the sub-continent, an abiding respect for all human beings across potential differences in formal education and role in society and the human warmth and inclusiveness that permeated their work and lives."

About the Editor

Robin Palmer

Robin Palmer taught History at the University of Zambia, 1971-77. He joined Oxfam in 1987, was Desk Officer for Zambia, 1987-91 and Regional Manager for Zambia, 1991-94. He bought 250 Zambezi Road for Oxfam, 1990-92. He later worked on land rights, retired from Oxfam in 2007,and currently works through an Oxford-based consultancy group, Mokoro Ltd.

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