ISBN 9789991642468
Pages 478
Dimensions 244 x 170 mm
Published 2019
Publisher University of Namibia Press, Namibia
Format Paperback

Administrative Law: Cases and Materials

by Collins Parker

Administrative Law: Cases and Materials is an important and comprehensive contribution to the legal literature on Namibian law. It will contribute to the development of Namibia’s jurisprudence. Experienced author and judge of the Namibian High Court, Dr Collins Parker discusses key principles of administrative law applicable to Namibia under the common law as developed and broadened by article 18 of the Namibian Constitution. To support propositions of law discussed in the text, he presents carefully selected extracts of judgments delivered in important cases.

The book offers a rich source of judicial pronouncements as precedent that are not readily available to many students and teachers of law. The selected cases are from the superior courts in Namibia, South Africa, England, and Canada, all common law countries. There are also footnote references to cases from other common law countries like India, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Practitioners of law at the Bar or on the Bench, law researchers and other professionals in public authorities, including parastatals, private companies and other ord this book useful in the performance of their professional tasks.

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'Its broad base, drawing upon Commonwealth common law jurisdictions is a welcome approach, given the dearth of material on the subject in Namibia and avoiding heavy reliance on South African sources.'

Philip Boyce Wanda, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Namibia

'Administrative law represents the ‘engine room’ of constitutional law…  Administrative law is relevant in the daily lives of most people, since thce of public administration on everyone within modern societies governed by law under a constitution, such as Namibia, has truly become pervasive.'

Geo Quinot, Professor, Department of Public Law, Stellenbosch University

About the Author

Collins Parker

Collins Parker BA (Hons) LLB (Hons) LLM PhD MBIM FArb practised law as an advocate in Zambia. He is an admitted legal practitioner of the High Court of Namibia. He was Chief: Legal Services and International Cooperation and Coordinator of the SADC Legal Sector. He was one of the counsel for Namibia in the Case concerning Kasikili/Sedudu Island at the International Court of Justice. Before that he was a Judge of the Industrial Court of the Kingdom of Swaziland. He has been a Judge of the High Court of Namibia since November 2006.