ISBN 9789789584444
Pages 232
Dimensions 234 x 156mm
Published 2017
Publisher Malthouse Press, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Islamic Law and Practice Procedure in Nigerian Courts

by Adamu Abubakar

Islamic Law and Practice Procedure in Nigerian Courts is about the rules of practice, procedure and evidence in trials of civil and criminal cases before Area Courts, Sharia Courts, Upper Area Courts, Upper Sharia Courts, Sharia Courts of Appeal, Court of Appeal and indeed Supreme Court of Nigeria in matters concerning application of Islamic law and practice. The subject of the book is copiously elucidated for the first time with verity of dictas from the reported cases from superior courts in Nigeria. It is of nineteen chapters with a number of parts and paragraphs to make for easy application. The book is designed to ensure quick dispensation of justice without sacrificing the need for fair hearing. A must for judges, advocates and students of Islamic law and practice.

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About the Author

Adamu Abubakar

Adamu Abubakar, attended the famous S.A.S Kano, Institute. of Amin. ABU Zaria. Bayero University Kano and was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1984. Appointed Notary Public of Nigeria in 1997. Between 1978-79 worked as a Registrar with Niger State Judiciary. Served as Senior Special Legal Adviser to the Jigawa State Governor in 2000- 2007 and currently in active practice in Kano. Among his publications are; "The Nigerian Legilature and Impeachment Process" and "Guide to the Practice of Interpleader Proceedings".