ISBN 9781779060808
Pages 474
Dimensions 210 x 148mm
Published 2020
Publisher amabooks Publishers, Zimbabwe
Format Paperback

All Come to Dust

by Bryony Rheam

Marcia Pullman has been found dead at home in the leafy suburbs of Bulawayo. Chief Inspector Edmund Dube is onto the case at once, but it becomes increasingly clear that there are those, including the dead woman's husband, who do not want king questions. The case drags Edmund back into his childhood to when his mother's employers disappeared one day and were never heard from again; an incident that has shadowed his life. As his investigation into the death progresses, Edmund realises the two mysteries are inextricably linked and that unravelling the past is a dangerous undertaking, threatening his very sense of self.

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About the Author

Bryony Rheam

Bryony Rheam is a Zimbabwean who lives in the second city of Bulawayo with her partner and two daughters. She has had short stories published in many anthologies and her first novel This September Sun won critical acclaim and topped the UK Amazon chart. It was chosen as the Best First Book at the Zimbabwe Book Publishers Association Awards and selected as a set text for 'A' level Literature in English in Zimbabwe. Bryony was one of the five Africans chosen for a Morland scholarship in 2018. An Agatha Christie enthusiast, she is a winner of the international Write Your Own Christie competition.