ISBN 9789966702029
Pages 60
Dimensions 203 x 127mm
Published 2015
Publisher Syokimau Cultural Centre, Kenya
Format Paperback

King Kamaliza

by Muli wa Kyendo

King Kamaliza has just overthrown the government and made himself king of Kai. Fetching ancient African ideas, he comes to believe that people are given their positions in life by God even before they are born.

“Yes. I must have been born to be King. Do you know when I was born, a huge cloud of smoke flew out the roof of my mother’s house? My mother asked a diviner what it meant — not that she believed him, mark you, not that she believed in diviners — but the diviner told her that the smoke was a sign that a king had been born.”

So what happens when he is confronted with modern realities? It is a hilarious comedy, if only tragic.

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About the Author

Muli wa Kyendo

Muli wa Kyendo is an author and the founder of Syokimau Cultural Centre, a non-profit organization which promotes culture, research and writing as a conservation method. The Centre's project, the Syokimau Cultural Center and Museum is a UNESCO World Decade for Cultural Development activity. His early books include Whispers and The Surface Beneath (Longman). He has also written and published children story books and plays. The play, The Woman of Nzaui was performed to great media acclaim.