ISBN 9780992228545
ePub ISBN 9780992228514
Pages 236
Dimensions 203 x 133mm
Published 2014
Publisher African Perspectives, South Africa
Formats Paperback, eBook

Bless me Father

by Mario D'Offizi

Bless Me Father is the true story of an incredible South African life. Born into a violent and broken family, and growing up in a variety of institutions, Cape Town based poet and writer Mario d'Offizi tells his remarkable, often shocking and ultimately inspiring life adventure - one that spans several decades in a country undergoing radical change. From his tough days at Boys Town to wild years in the advertising world, a stint in the restaurant business and a sharp edged journalistic adventure in the DRC, d'Offizi tells his critically acclaimed story with the unfailing sensitivity and warmth of a true poet.

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“I would advise that you get this book for the boys and the men in your family. I think it's a phenomenal, affirming story of manhood. I highly recommend it."

Karabo Kgoleng, SAFM Literature

“The... story is light-hearted, shocking, inspirational, poignant and optimistic, and one that any reader cannot help but be deeply touched by".

The Times, South Africa

“This book is an absorbing read that offers the example of what can be achieved by not sweating things, big and small, and ultimately surviving life with a smile on your face."

The Mercury

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