ISBN 9781920397272
Pages 62
Dimensions 203 x 133mm
Published 2011
Publisher Modjaji Books, South Africa
Format Paperback


by Sarah Frost

Book Preview


"These are poems of drowning and coming up again. Of surviving with lungs that breathe water and sunlight. These are poems of longing and loss. Of searching for a foothold in a world where all slides and changes. Sarah Frost is a new voice in South African poetry. A clear and strong and exciting voice. Read her."

Kobus Moolman, Poet

About the Author

Sarah Frost

Sarah Frost is 37 years old and a single mother to a six year old boy. She works as an editor for Juta Legalbrief in Durban, South Africa. Sarah has been writing poetry for the past fourteen years. She has completed an MA in English Literature, and also a module on Creative Writing.

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