ISBN 9789783708563
Pages 154
Dimensions 229 x 152mm
Published 2014
Publisher Handel Books, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Counter Discourse in African Literature

edited by Charles Smith, Chin Ce

This volume charts the widening frontiers of black literary aesthetics using the prose and dramatic fictions of writers from Africa and the African diaspora. The chapters come in two interactive phases of current critical discourses involving rejoinders from past-present concerns and issues of cultural and contemporary modernity. These studies stress the argument that African literature is hardly discussed outside contemporary history and that the reason for the apparent disconnection among groups in Africa and the diaspora can be traced to the disparate elements within the continent and diaspora.

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About the Editor

Chin Ce

Chin Ce is one of the new generation of African writers from Nigeria, a poet, fiction writer and novelist; and is also a graphic editor, columnist, column editor, and essayist.

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