ISBN 9789970024780
Pages 132
Dimensions 244 x 170 mm
Published 2005
Publisher Fountain Publishers, Uganda
Format Paperback

Criminal Law in Uganda

Sexual Assaults and Offences Against Morality

by Lillian Tibatemwa-Ekirikubinza

Presents the substantive laws pertaining to sexual crimes in Uganda, based on the judicial interpretation of the major sexual offences acts created under the Uganda penal code. The text illustrates how out of the colonial inheritance, Uganda has developed its own jurisprudence, which takes into account its particular economic, political and cultural circumstances. Using th important cases which have set precedents. Details the wider social and political implications of legal reforms on this area.

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About the Author

Lillian Tibatemwa-Ekirikubinza

Lillian Tibatemwa-Ekirikubinza is a senior law lecturer at Makerere University, and is active in the Ugandan offices of the Association of Women Lawyers, and Women and the Law in East Africa.

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