ISBN 9780797439412
Pages 256
Dimensions 280 x 210
Illustrations B/W Illustrations
Published 2009
Publisher Legal Resources Foundation, Zimbabwe
Format Paperback

Magistrates' Handbook

by G. Feltoe

This book covers selective aspects of criminal procedure, evidence, substantive law and sentencing in Zimbabwe. The 13 sections cover: Functions and Responsibilities of Magistrates; Pre-trial Matters; Jurisdiction; Trial; Common Problems of Evidence; Criminal Law Code; Judgment Process; Sentencing; Magistrates' duties in regard to duties regarding undefended accused; Record of Proceedings; Appeals; Automatic Review and Scrutiny; Miscellaneous Matters. A list of cases is also included. The Legal Resources Foundation, Zimbabwe was established to meet an expressed need to improve the accessibility of legal and information services to all sections of the population. Programmes undertaken by the LRF are based on the understanding that human rights in Zimbabwe can be advanced by facilitating access to the legal system.

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