ISBN 9789914987560
Pages 276
Dimensions 229 x 152mm
Published 2022
Publisher Vita Books, Kenya
Format Paperback

Essays on Pan-Africanism

edited by Shiraz Durrani, Noosim Naimasiah

Essays on Pan-Africanism begins with essays by Shiraz Durrani, Abdilatif Abdulla, Issa Shivji, Firoze Manji, Sabatho Nyamsenda, Willy Mutunga and Noosim Naimasiah on various aspects of Pan-Africanism. This is followed by Remembering the Champions of African Liberation, with articles on Patrice Lumumba by Antoine Lokongo, Abdulrahman Babu by Amrit Wilson, Makhan Singh by Hindpal Singh and Piyo Rattansi, followed by Tajudeen Abdul Raheem's last Pan African Postcard (2009) and Debating and Documenting Africa - A Conversation. The Preface, Pan-African Thought, is by Prof. Issa Shivji.

The book incorporates Karim Essack's compilation, The Pan African Path (1993) with historical records and documents on Pan-African history, with a new Preface by Prof. Issa Shivji. The final section has documents on Pan-Africanism, including the Kampala Declaration (1994).

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"Writings on Pan-Africanism never become dated, for the desire of global Africans for freedom continues burning, sometimes dimming into a flicker, at other times shining bright but never snuffed out, however strong the winds. ... It is my hope that the publication of this book will trigger a debate on New Pan-Africanism in this region"

Prof. Issa Shivji, Emeritus Professor of Public Law at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and the founding Julius Nyerere Chair in Pan-African Studies.

About the Editors

Shiraz Durrani

Shiraz Durrani is a British-Kenyan library science professional noted for his writings on the social and political dimensions of information and librarianship. His widely held Information and liberation writings on the politics of information and librarianship draws on his experiences in librarianship from Mau Mau period Kenya to modern-day UK 

Noosim Naimasiah

Noosim Naimasiah is a PanAfricanist, a writer and filmmaker. She is a member of Vita Books and Ukombozi Library. Her work focuses the history and political economy of Africa.