ISBN 9789785452808
Pages 338
Dimensions 234 x 156mm
Published 2016
Publisher Malthouse Press, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Essentials of Labour Relations in Nigeria: Volume 1

by Dafe Otobo

Combined together in three volumes are the author’s writings on labour and employments relations in Nigeria spanning over three and a half decades. Volume one covers the Nigerian industrial relations industrial relations institutional and legal framework, trade unions and trade unionism, wage bargains and conflict relations. Volume 1 dwells on the Nigerian industrial relations institutional and legal framework, trades unions and trade unionism, wage bargain and conflict relations.

  • A New Industrial Relations Policy in Nigeria: the way forward in a democratic dispensation
  • Overview of Industrial Relations Practice and the structure of Collective Bargaining in Nigeria
  • Social Dialogue in Nigeria
  • Labour, Democratisation and Social Dialogue in Nigeria: Lessons for South Africa
  • Trends in Industrial and Labour Relations Practice: National and Global Perspectives
  • Industry and Labour: consolidating the gains of democracy
  • Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
  • Nigerian Trade Union Act and ILO Conventions
  • The Generals, NLC and Trade Union Bill
  • Understanding the New Trade Union Structure
  • Trade Union Leadership and Administration in Nigeria
  • Trade Union leadership in the oil and gas industry: current issues and challenges
  • The 1981 General Strike in Nigeria
  • The Political Clash in the Aftermath of the 1981 General Strike
  • Strikes in Nigeria: Some Considerations
  • Federal Government and ASUU: a strike too many
  • ASUU: Beyond Thomas Olusanya and his Statistical Aluta Continua
  • Disputes settlement mechanism in Nigeria: a critical examination
  • National Industrial Court and collective relations
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About the Author

Dafe Otobo

Professor Dafe Otobo, educated at the University of Ibadan, The London School of Economics & Political Science, and the University of Oxford, is of the Industrial Relations & Personnel Management Department, University of Lagos. He is also the President of the Nigerian Industrial & Employment Relations Association (NIERA). He is widely published.