ISBN 9789789497119
Pages 498
Dimensions 244 x 170 mm
Published 2016
Publisher Malthouse Press, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Reforms and Nigerian Labour and Employment Relations

Perspectives, Issues and Challenges

edited by Dafe Otobo

This collections of papers, from twenty-seven chapters is on aspects of reforms and labour and employment relations in Nigeria over the past three decades:

  • The Idea of Reform – Professor Dafe Otobo
  • Industrial and Labour Issues in Policy Formulation – Hon Justice (Dr) Ben E. Kanyip
  • Regulatory instruments and industrial relations in Nigeria –Professor Ifeanyi P. Onyeonoru
  • Measuring the Democratic Rights of Nigerian Workers by International Standards – Associate Professor O.V.C. Okenne
  • Contemporary Developments in Human Resource Management: Implications for Performance Enhancement and Service Delivery in Nigeria’s Modern Sector – Professor Segun Matanmi
  • Bank sector recapitalisation: matters arising for labour and Nigerian society -  Dr Oluwatoyin Frederick Idowu
  • Pricing of Petroleum Products in Nigeria – Dr Peter I. Ozo-Eson
  • Economic reforms in Nigeria: an analysis of employment generation in telecommunication sector – Associate Professor Muhammed Muttaka Usman
  • Information communication technology, productivity of labour and the development of the Nigerian economy – Dr Chukwuemeka Ifegwu-Eke
  • Economic reforms, labour market institutions and poverty reduction in Nigeria – Associate Professor S.A. Abdulsalam
  • Response of organised labour to economic reforms in Nigeria – Professor Yusuf Noah
  • The trade union movement and the challenges of economic reforms in the emerging Nigerian economy – Associate Professor K.O. Kester, Associate Professor A.R. Bankole, Dr O.S. Samuel
  • Between rhetoric and action: the Nigerian working class and neo-liberal economic policies – Professor Funmi Adewumi
  • Host communities and businesses: implications for labour relations and human resource management – Professor Dafe  Otobo
  • On Unfair Labour Practices in the Oil and Gas Industry – NUPENG & Olawale Afolabi
  • Reforms, Industrial and Employment Relations in Nigeria: Perspectives, Issues and Challenges – Pengassan & Bayo Olowoshile
  • What about Industrial Relations? – Issa Aremu
  • Reforming Employment and Labour Relations in Nigeria – Dr Chris Obisi
  • Labour and Legal Challenges in Redundancy and some other Employment Practices in Nigeria – Professor Israel N.E. Worugji
  • Employment and Work Relations in University System in Nigeria – Professor Dafe Otobo
  • Human Resources Management in Nigerian Security Services – Professor Etannibi Alemika
  • Trade Unions and Industrial Relations Practice in the Health Sector – Baba Ayelabola
  • Feminist perspective of workers’ rights and labour standards in Nigeria – Dr Asikia Ige (nee Karibi-Whyte)
  • Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) in perspective – Ibrahim Wakawa
  • Current issues and trends in effective arbitration – Hon Justice (Dr) Ben B. Kanyip
  • Overview of the Trade Disputes Act and its application to trade disputes settlement in Nigeria – Hon Justice (Dr) Ben B. Kanyip
  • Constitutionalization of the status of the National Industrial Court of Nigeria: a panacea for Industrial Harmony? – Professor Offornze Amucheazi
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About the Editor

Dafe Otobo

Professor Dafe Otobo, educated at the University of Ibadan, The London School of Economics & Political Science, and the University of Oxford, is of the Industrial Relations & Personnel Management Department, University of Lagos. He is also the President of the Nigerian Industrial & Employment Relations Association (NIERA). He is widely published.