ISBN 9789966257949
Pages 272
Dimensions 210 x 148 mm
Published 2011
Publisher East African Educational Publishers, Kenya
Format Paperback

From Bush to Bush

Journey to Liberty in South Sudan

by Steven Wondu

Steven Wondu left school at a young age and strayed into the the Anyanya Army, albeit for a short stint, before he was released to wander in the bushes of Eastern Africa. The story follows Wondu's trails from the bushes of South Sudan and attempts to synthesize the historical precedents leading to the long war in the Sudan. Written at the dawn of a new nation for the South Sudanese the author conveys the depressing impact of war on individual and family life. He captures the intricate reality where distrust and fear of Muslims and Arabs found root in the minds of the South Sudanese.

From bush to BUSH is the story of Steven Wondu's outstanding life journey and the story of the turbulent journey to the birth of a new nation. Steven Wondu is a graduate of several Universities: Makerere in Uganda, Nairobi in Kenya, Reading in the United Kingdom, George Washington in the United States, and the Kenya Institute of Administration. He is a former Sudanese Ambassador to Japan, and has co authored the book Battle for Peace in Sudan. Ambassador Wondu is currently the Auditor General of South Sudan.

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About the Author

Steven Wondu

Steven Wondu a former Sudanese Ambassador to Japan and is currently the Auditor General of South Sudan.