ISBN 9789982240208
Pages 240
Dimensions 229 x 152 mm
Published 2002
Publisher Gadsden Publishers, Zambia
Format Paperback

Into Exile and Back

by Simon Zukas

Simon Zukas is one of a handful of white settlers who played a significant role in both anti-colonial and postcolonial politics in East and Central Africa. He has been involved with the country for well over fifty years, and is today still chairman of an opposition party, the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD). His autobiography provides an account of his Lithuanian and Jewish childhood, his family’s flight from the pending holocaust in Europe, his remarkable struggle to adapt to a new society and involvement in Marxist and radical politics in Cape Town. It details his experiences in a Livingstone gaol, and deportation to London where he provided a haven for anti-colonial activists. He describes his role in the post-colonial society, his ambivalence about the popular but anti- democratic one party state, implemented by Kaunda, and his role in opposition politics and stints as a government minister in the post-Kaunda era.
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’...[this] autobiography is an important contribution to the political and social history of Zambia and should be read by everyone with an interest in the history of the country over the last sixty years...[it] is well produced and is written with engaging modesty and quiet humour’.

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