ISBN 9789789211296
Pages 268
Dimensions 216 x 140mm
Published 2016
Publisher BookBuilders Editions Africa, Nigeria
Format Paperback

I Am Kagara

I weave the sands of the Sahara

by Mark Nwagwu

I am Kagara is set in contemporary Nigeria, where terrorist organisations are threatening innocent people in the Niger Delta and northeastern Nigeria. It is the third stanza in a trilogy by the author, Nwagwu. Chioma Ijeoma, is the reluctant, post-modern heroine of the series. In the last of the series, Chioma is called upon, metaphysically, by the characters Awarah and Fern to embark upon several missions. The first journey, towards to the ultimate mission, involves Chioma finding ‘faith.’ The second journey involves the heroine finding ‘self.’ It is only after the first and second journeys that she is able to complete the final mission to save others. To be successful, Chioma must displace the ‘self’ and put the welfare of others (the village) first.

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"I am intrigued with the fact that the novelist, Mark Nwagwu can pack so much about contemporary Africa into one small package. But, I know that I Am Kargara (2016) is merely one segment of a trilogy of within the theatre of African affairs. This book serves as an excellent vehicle for African Political Science studies. It is also a good work for any area of Social Sciences. Reading this work was like reading the latest edition of an African newspaper. Mark Nwagwa has captured the pulse of a nation, a continent, and the colonial world. I look forward to further editions of his work. The African ‘I’ of Nwagwu is most evident."