ISBN 9789956551743
Pages 152
Dimensions 203 x 127mm
Published 2020
Publisher Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon
Format Paperback

The Tragedy Of The Stupid Nation

by Max-Landry Kassaï

The Tragedy Of The Stupid Nation retraces three decades of political instability during which the people of the Central African Republic suffered from several waves of violence that lead to the breakdown of the social cohesion between the different communities (first along ethnic, then along religious lines). This book is a personal and collective account of the massacres, looting and fleeing and an indictment of misgovernance, nepotism and political inequality. The consequences of which are, too often, carried by the population. Combining different literary genres, Max-Landry Kassaï gives the reader an appreciation of what it is to come of age in the Central African Republic.

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“In this novel Max Kassaï uses his own experiences and feelings during the cruel wars in the Central African Republic and during his flight to Congo, to make his readers understand the social and emotional damage done to ordinary people by these crazy wars fought by ‘madmen’ everywhere in the world. The cruel and violent passages are not easy to read, but they do arouse anger and despair in the reader as is felt by the author against his aggressors. A must read for everybody who is concerned with the effects of war on society.” 

Mirjam de Bruijn, Professor of Contemporary History and Anthropology of Africa, University of Leiden, The Netherlands

About the Author

Max-Landry Kassaï

Max-Landry Kassaï was born into a family of three children. He lost both his parents at a young age and grew up with his grandmother. He was later sent to school at Saint Marcel seminary in Sibut (Central African Republic). He holds a master's degree in public law from the University of Bangui. In 2013 Max-Landry fled violence in his country and was a refugee for over a year in DR Congo. In 2014, he decided to return to Bangui where he nowadays lives and works. Max-Landry is an avid blogger and a member of ABCA, the association of Central African Republic bloggers.