ISBN 9789956792047
Pages 180
Dimensions 216 x 140mm
Published 2014
Publisher Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon
Format Paperback

In Chains for My Country

Crusading for the British Southern Cameroons

by Nfor N. Nfor

In Chains for My Country is an account of the struggle of the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC), a nonviolent liberation movement, to wrestle British Southern Cameroons from the colonial claws of la République du Cameroun. It is an epic and thrilling account of the life of British Southern Cameroons, which passed from colonial rule to foreign domination through annexation and attempted assimilation into neighbouring la République du Cameroun. Under British trusteeship, British Southern Cameroons graduated to self-government in 1954 with all hopes of independence. Instead, the Trust Territory was doomed to subservience in a contested union with la République du Cameroun. Failure to implement United Nations Resolution 1608 of April 1961 to establish the envisioned federation of two states equal in status facilitated la République du Cameroun's annexation and colonial occupation of a defenseless United Nations Trust as Britain withdrew all its personnel and forces. The territory has been reduced to two provinces of la République du Cameroun under the rule of proconsuls backed by an imperial occupation force with an agenda of nipping in the bud any resistance.

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About the Author

Nfor N. Nfor

Nfor N. Nfor is an uncompromising defender of truth, crusader for human freedom and dignity since his student days. During his term as Chairman of Constitutional and Political Affairs Committee of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), he saw the SDF as an instrument to end foreign domination and alien rule in British Southern Cameroons through the establishment of a genuine federation. But with la République du Cameroun’s iron will and wall of steel against democracy and federalism, Nfor has rededicated his life to the freedom and independence of his Fatherland and people. To accomplish this historic mission and as a committed student and practitioner of the philosophy of Nonviolence, he attaches primacy to mass education.