ISBN 9789956763733
Pages 246
Dimensions 229 x 152mm
Published 2016
Publisher Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon
Format Paperback

Urgency of a New Dawn

Prison Thoughts and Reflections

by Nfor N. Nfor

Urgency of a New Dawn is the cry of most Southern Cameroonians against those who they experience to be an oppressive, Machiavellian, hostile, parasitising, captor-like, secessionist, assimilationist, discriminatory, and dehumanising la République du Cameroun, to which they were annexed through misleading UN and UK politics and Politics as a condition toward their independence from the UK in 1961. Extrapolating only on these two territories, Urgency of a New Dawn is no less the sweeping story of one too many other peoples across Africa, tormented by the heedless partitioning of the continent by colonisers and the consequential neo-patrimonial and ethnic African Politics and politics of belonging. Forced either into spaces that were never theirs, or pushed out of spaces that they struggle to claim and/or prove theirs, many African peoples today find themselves engaging in endless battles, not against colonisers but against fellow black Africans, for the survival of their essence, their culture, languages, traditions, dignity, modes of being and identification, right to equality, and freedom.

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About the Author

Nfor N. Nfor

Nfor N. Nfor is an uncompromising defender of truth, crusader for human freedom and dignity since his student days. During his term as Chairman of Constitutional and Political Affairs Committee of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), he saw the SDF as an instrument to end foreign domination and alien rule in British Southern Cameroons through the establishment of a genuine federation. But with la République du Cameroun’s iron will and wall of steel against democracy and federalism, Nfor has rededicated his life to the freedom and independence of his Fatherland and people. To accomplish this historic mission and as a committed student and practitioner of the philosophy of Nonviolence, he attaches primacy to mass education.