ISBN 9781920397074
Pages 72
Dimensions 216 x 140 mm
Published 2010
Publisher Modjaji Books, South Africa
Format Paperback

Piece Work

by Ingrid Andersen

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"Andersen’s poems fuse the best of Imagism with a heartfelt compassion; with a few well-chosen words, she can turn the rawness and imprecision of emotion into poems that reach simultaneously for clarity and for the reader’s heart. She is generous, careful, passionate - all these qualities make her work profound and accessible."

Fiona Zerbst, Author

"Ingrid Andersen writes poems for an ‘age of loneliness’. With words of powerful simplicity, this book cuts open the heart and mind of the reader, stitches and sometimes mends. Darting lightly in and out of life’s small and lonely spaces and places, her quiet truths offer respite from the world’s noise."

Tania van Schalkwyk

"Meditations on love, loss, family and faith, the poems in Ingrid Andersen’s second collection gleam with humanity and insight. Like bevelled and burnished tesserae, each poem in Piece Work combines the vision and precision of dedicated craftsmanship, contributing to this mosaic of an attentive life."

Michelle McGrane

About the Author

Ingrid Andersen

Ingrid Andersen was born in Johannesburg, read for a degree in English literature at Wits and is presently completing her Masters. Her work has been published in literary journals for 16 years. Excision, her first volume of poetry, was published in 2004. Her influences include the French Romantic poets, Imagism and the writings of Basho. She is the founding editor of Incwadi, an SA journal that explores the interaction between poetry and image. An Anglican priest, she works in human rights, healing and reconciliation.

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