ISBN 9789956578023
Pages 64
Dimensions 203 x 127 mm
Published 2010
Publisher Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon
Format Paperback

Reign of the Quisling-Rodents

by Ngolle-Metuge

How else does the ramified phenomenon of greed (corruption, nepotism, extreme self-aggrandizement, megalomanic tendencies etc) become nefarious to both the physical and mental worlds of a people either individually or collectively? It brings about a retrogressing, catabatic state in their evolution in both regards, eating back into the socio-economic and political set up of a given society as well as unquestionably impairing the mindset of its people. Reign of the Quisling-Rodents tells of the gradual bane of a society to perdition which is not so much due to its dehumanizing physical quality as it is to a collective consciousness which is rooted in apocalyptic rapacity. It delves into the tenebrous mindset of a generation, moving from the mental holocaust that greed engenders to its actual physical manifestation as seen in the various situational anathemas which many of the poems lament. The bottom line of all that the mind and the physical being suffer is an irreparably worsted governance.

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About the Author


Ngolle-Metuge was Born in Kumba, Meme Division of the South West Region of Cameroon. He holds a B.A in English and literary studies from the University of Buea, and a B.Sc in forestry and environmental management from Tampere Polytechnic, Finland. He is a teacher of English as a second and foreign language at Institut Polyvalent Prive de Bonamoussadi in Douala. He is married and a father of one.

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