ISBN 9789982241229
Pages 244
Dimensions 229 x 152mm
Illustrations B/W Illustrations
Published 2021
Publisher Gadsden Publishers, Zambia
Format Paperback

Singing for Freedom

Zambia's struggle for African government

by Andreya Masiye

Singing for Freedom is a lively, personal record of the author's experiences as a radio-communications expert during the Zambian independence struggle. Andreya Sylvester Masiye shows how the combination of songs, folklore and news broadcasts provided an effective and popular weapon in strengthening the nationalist cause. He also describes how the use of traditional proverbs, chanting and speech-making provided exceptional material for political agitation through the mass-media.

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"I am glad to recommend this work to anyone interested in trying to understand the people of Central Africa and their struggle against oppression by an intolerable minority."

Dr Kenneth D. Kaunda, First Republican President of Zambia

"There is no doubt that Singing for Freedom is a significant contribution to the development of knowledge regarding different forms of the struggle for freedom and independence in the history of Zambia."

Bizeck J. Phiri, Professor of History, University of Zambia

About the Author

Andreya Masiye

Andreya Masiye's career spans time spent as a forester, teacher, soldier, broadcaster, senior civil servant, nominated member of parliament, diplomat and lawyer. He served as Zambia's High Commissioner to Nigeria and later as Ambassador to the People's Republic of China. He became a prominent Zambian lawyer and established the law firm Andrea Masiye & Company. During an active and varied career the author also published many articles and short stories in English and several Zambian languages. He also produced several English radio dramas and a stage play, 'Lands of Kazembe' - based upon historical records of Portuguese trading exploits across southern Africa.