ISBN 9789982241212
Pages 150
Dimensions 229 x 152mm
Published 1999
Publisher Gadsden Publishers, Zambia
Format Paperback

A Time to Mourn

A Personal Account of the 1964 Lumpa Church Revolt in Zambia

by John Hudson

While Northern Rhodesia was preparing for independence as the Republic of Zambia in 1964, impoverished villages in the remote north east of the country were divided by a bitter conflict fuelled by apparently irreconcilable political and religious convictions. This book describes the origin of the dispute and how it led to skirmishes, defiance of authority, massacre, torture and displacement: a previously unreported mutiny. It is as such an important contribution to Zambian history, with a significant proportion of the material being published for the first time. The author was a district commissioner at Isoka during the time of the massacre and was personally involved in the peace settlement. He argues that the situation need not have escalated had the authorities acted to prevent it; and that for different reasons, both the colonial government and its independent successor tried to distort the gravity of what occurred.

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About the Author

John Hudson

The late John Hudson was born at Balovale (now Zambezi) on the upper Zambezi River, Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) in 1930. From 1985 until finalretirement in 1994, he was Executive Director of the Zambia National Farmers' Union.

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